74 Annual Report of the Worshipful Master

NO. 74. Annual Report Of The Worshipful Master
Ordered: That it be compulsory for each Worshipful Master to make a written report to his lodge at each Annual Communication, and that a copy of it be filed by him in the Grand Secretary's Office. This report shall afford the lodge detailed information of all activities performed outside of the lodge by the Master, committees or other individuals under his direction, and the information required in the report may be determined from time to time by the Grand Master, but in general shall include the following subjects:
a. Work relating to meetings:
1. Special features (in elaboration).
2. Rehearsals.
3. Conferences with officers: Past Masters, etc.
b. Work outside of the lodge:
1. Visitations:
(a) Sick.
(b) Relief.
(c) Funerals.
2. Visitations to other Masonic functions.
(a) Participation in civic affairs.
(1) Representing the lodge.
(2) Personally.
(3) Other officers.
(4) Members.
(b) Contacts with members:
(1) Personally.
(2) Through officers.
(3) Through other members.
(4) Through committees.
(5) Through letters, birthday greetings, etc.
3. Work of committees:
(a) Achievements of each committee.
c. Recommendations:
(a) Pertaining to the work in the lodge.
(b) Pertaining to work outside the lodge.
Approved May 18, 1936. Amended November 16, 1996.