72.1 Second Section of the Degree

NO. 72.1. Second Section Of The Degree
Ordered: The second section of the Master Mason Degree should implant in the mind of the candidate a deep and lasting impression of the fundamental teachings of Freemasonry. Anything which distracts his attention from the reception of these ideas is foreign to the purpose of the work in hand.
Undue roughness, acting in a manner to arouse the amusement of the brethren or audible laughter from the sidelines, cannot fail to produce such distraction. It is the direction of the Grand Lodge that the work be conducted with dignity and decorum that the ritual envisages and that the candidate has a right to expect.
This Standing Order shall be read immediately preceding the beginning of the second section of the third degree, whenever the third degree is conferred in a Rhode Island Lodge, and the Secretary of the lodge shall make a record of the fact that it was read.
Omission of the reading on the part of the Worshipful Master, or failure to comply with its intent on the part of any officer or member, may become the basis of reprimand or other disciplinary action.
November 21, 1987.