01 Acceptance of restored Charter

No. 01. Acceptance Of Restored Charter

Resolved: That the original charter, granted at the May session of the General Assembly, A.D. 1812, and voluntarily surrendered March 17, A.D. 1834, and restored by an Act of the General Assembly, passed at the January session, A.D. 1861, be and the same is hereby accepted.

Constitution, Art. I, Sec. 1.1.1. May 27, 1861.


02 Thomas Smith Webb Monument

No. 02. Thomas Smith Webb Monument

Resolved: That the fund this day received from the Webb Monument Association, be invested by the Grand Treasurer in such a manner as he may deem expedient, and the income thereof be, and the same shall, from time to time be, applied to the necessary repairs of the monument of the late THOMAS SMITH WEBB, PGM, and the lot on which it stands.

Constitution, Art. IV, Sec. 1.4.4. May 25, 1863.


05 First Lodge in jurisdiction

No. 05. First Lodge In Jurisdiction

Resolved: That the edict of the Grand Lodge, adopted in February, AL 5861, changing the number of ST. JOHNS LODGE, of Providence, from two to one, shall not be construed to interfere with any of the rights or privileges of SAINT JOHN'S LODGE, NO. 1, Newport; but the said SAINT JOHN'S LODGE, NO. 1, Newport, shall hold the rank of the first lodge under this jurisdiction (which she ever has held) as long as she shall exist.

Constitution, Art. VII, Sec. 1.7.1. November 26, 1861.

Amended November 16, 1996.


07 Interchange with sister Grand Lodges

No. 07. Interchange With Sister Grand Lodges

Resolved: That the system of an interchange of representatives with sister Grand Lodges, be and the same is, hereby adopted by this Grand Lodge.

November 21, 1870.


08 Diploma with predecessor's signature

No. 08. Diploma With Predecessor's Signature

Resolved: That the Grand Master be authorized in his discretion to permit a diploma of this Grand Lodge to be issued with the signature of a previous Grand Master.

Constitution, Art. IV, Sec. 1.4.1; 1.4.5. May 18, 1874.


09 Charter of Barney Merry Lodge

No. 09. Charter Of Barney Merry Lodge

Resolved: That a charter be issued to Barney Merry Lodge, to be located in Pawtucket, to be numbered 29.

Constitution, Art. VII, Sec. 1.7.3. May 19, 1873.

Amended November 15, 1969.


10 Charter of Rising Sun Lodge

No. 10. Charter Of Rising Sun Lodge

Resolved: That a charter be issued to Rising Sun Lodge, to be located in East Providence, to be numbered 30.

Constitution, Art. VII, Sec. 1.7.3. May 17, 1875.

Amended November 15, 1969.