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2.2.7 Objections to visitors

No subordinate lodge shall admit a visitor to whom objection is made by a member of the lodge. That it is the right of any Master Mason to object to a visitor being admitted to his lodge after being properly avouched. This objection cannot be based on race, color, creed or nationality.
Amended May 14, 1989.
See Decision No. 29.

Related Decisions

No. 29. Resident With Foreign Degrees

Decision: A person who while absent in foreign country received the degrees, upon his return to this jurisdiction desire to visit a lodge. I decided that he could not be allowed to visit, and that the brethren must not hold Masonic intercourse with him. Afterwards he desired to affiliate with the lodge, and I authorized the Master, if he was satisfied that the person referred to was ignorant of our regulations, and innocent of any attempt to contravene them, to examine him, and if he was satisfied that he had been made in a regular lodge, and had the proper vouchers, to receive his application for membership in the usual way, and admit him upon a unanimous ballot, and the payment of the regular fee.

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General Regulations, Article II, Sec. 2.2.3.

General Regulations, Article II, Sec. 2.2.7.