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2.2.4 Approved ritual and lectures

No subordinate lodge shall use any work or permit the delivery of any Masonic lectures which have not been approved by this Grand Lodge; provided, that this section shall not apply to the charge to be given to candidates.
See Decision Nos. 17, 45.

Related Decisions

No. 17. Affirmation Versus Oath

Decision: An affirmation can be administered instead of an oath to any person who refuses, on conscientious grounds, to take the latter.

General Regulations, Article II, Sec. 2.2.4. November 13, 1867. (Doyle, GM)


No. 45. Use Of Robes In Degree Work

Decision: Use of robes in degree work is prohibited. That the use of such slides, without audio, as may be approved by the Grand Master, are hereby authorized for use in degree work.

General Regulations, Article II, Sec. 2.2.4. May 16, 1898. (Van Slyck, GM)

Amended November 19,1977.