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1.7.23 Restoration of rights and privileges

The petition for restoration to the rights and privileges of a brother expelled or suspended for any cause other than the non-payment of dues or assessments shall be presented in writing at a regular Communication and shall lie over until the next regular communication, when the petition may be granted by a unanimous vote of the members present; such action, however, must be approved by the Grand Lodge before it shall be valid.
See Decision No. 42.



Related Decisions


No. 42. Restoration Following Expulsion

Decision: That a Mason who has been expelled by a lodge, cannot be restored except by the lodge which expelled him. That he must apply to the lodge which expelled him, and that, after a careful investigation by a committee appointed for that purpose as to his life and habits, both at present and during the time since his expulsion, the lodge could, by a unanimous ballot, restore him to the rights and privileges of Freemasonry, and that such restoration must be sanctioned by this Grand Lodge before it could be valid. After such restoration by his lodge, confirmed by the Grand Lodge, he would then be in good standing as an unaffiliated Mason, subject to such laws as apply to any unaffiliated Mason.

Constitution, Article VII, Sec. 1.7.23. May 19, 1890. (Kenyon, GM)