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1.5.1 Masonic Trials

All Masonic trials shall be held in the first instance in the subordinate lodge of which the accused Brother shall be a member. The Masonic trial shall be conducted in accordance with the General Regulations of the Grand Lodge and as they may be amended from time-to-time.
Provided, however, that a Masonic trial shall not be required in the instance where a Brother has been found or pleaded guilty in any court having criminal jurisdiction to any crime involving any sexual offense, indecent act, child endangerment offense or exhibition of obscene publications to any person under 18 years of age. In such a case, the Grand Master shall, summarily, impose such punishment as he shall deem meet and proper in the circumstances.
A plea or finding of guilt shall have the same effect within this Grand Jurisdiction as if it had been made at the conclusion of a Masonic trial. For purposes of this Constitution, a plea of nolo contendere is a finding of guilty.
Amended November 17, 2001.